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Your Source For Bound Antimicrobial Products!

Your Source For Bound Antimicrobial Products!Your Source For Bound Antimicrobial Products!Your Source For Bound Antimicrobial Products!

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May is Give Back & Match Month!
SiArmor is matching any purchase of their 32oz or 1 Gallon bound Antimicrobial Spray or their 1oz Germicidal Hand Gel for donation to RVs for MDs.

2019 & 2020 Winners

The chemistry is so unique that Quadsil won the GHP 2019 Biotechnology Award for Silicone and Siloxane Technology. 

About Us

About Our Orgin

These products were developed and patented by John Blizzard. He is past Chair of the American Chemical Society and has been involved philanthropically in many local schools to make science education a fun and lasting impression for many young individuals. He retired after 35 years in research and development at Dow Corning Corporation, QuadSil was started in 2001.  Although the concept was to provide consultation and product development, the vision was to provide assistance to orphanages, health care facilities, and schools wherever the global need was.  Although QuadSil has grown into manufacturing SiArmor products and analytical testing as well as product research and development, the vision has remained the same.  We are honored and proud to have worked with and supplied materials and assistance to local schools, as well as assistance in Sierra Leone, Haiti, and Guatemala.    

A New Solution to Sanitizing using (Si) Silicones.

This base silicone provides:

  •  Hydrophobicity to the substrate it is applied to.
  • Provides a skin conditioning in the Hand Gel, that is it doesn’t dry out the dermis but helps to keep the integrity of the skin and  prevents cracking and bleeding. 
  • Unlike alcohols which evaporate, the silicone base helps to provide a long-lasting adhesion.
  • The silicone base spreads easily and uniformly for more complete coverage.
  • Over 70 years of research and development have provided proven technology used in these materials. 

Our Promise to You

We understand that not all products work for everyone. Which is why we created this alternative option. We promise to always strive for excellence in our products and help answer questions along the way. 

Also all facilities and organizations that are fully treated with our Bound Antimicrobial Spray can request an  Antimicrobial Certificate of Coverage for their Facility to display.. 

For bulk order pricing, to request a facility to be treated, or to be a Distributor please email us!


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